About Us

Sirintra is the brand new women's clothing line that makes women's hidden sex appeal and sweetness come to live. We understand that nowadays, busy daily jobs and schedules tend to keep women's attention farther away from keeping up with the hot and up-to-date trendy wardrobe. Hence, our concept has been designed for their everyday lifestyle, fun party, and even evening occasion.

We deliberately focus on developing and designing our own one of a kind unique pattern and very delicate cutting, as well as combining creative hand-made work of art onto our pieces. As a consequence, our design spices up and dashes women's fashionably sweetness, liveliness, self-confidence, glamour, and chic elegance which make it so much fun to wear in everyday lifestyle and occasion. Moreover, we also help accessorize our customers by introducing some imported sweet and elegant jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, as well as famous designer brands' leather shoes directly from Milan, Italy, to our brand product.

We guarantee that Sirintra will dash your hidden beauty and spell you into the attractive, sweet, and elegant one of a kind chic

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